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Shall We Move - Live @ the Big Love Show 11 February 2008 ZENR-CD-009
Shall We Move was recorded live @ the Big Love Show. This is a house music show that has been running for over 10 years. This set is all dance with no sitting down permitted. This set explores the deep caverns of your favourite night club. I hope you enjoy it! 
This set is available in several formats. This set is available as a zip archive to promote downloading all the tracks in one click at both 320kbps and 128kbps fidelity as well as in one track in both 320 kbps and 128kbps fidelity.

High fidelity [~ 167.3 megs]: Shall We Move?
Low fidelity [~ 73.5 megs]: Shall We Move?
Single Track mp3 320kbps [~ 186.6 megs]: Shall We Move?
Single Track mp3 128kbps [~ 74.7 megs]: Shall We Move?
Our Great Green Earth 5 October 2007 ZENR-CD-008
Our Great Green Earth is a CD created for the new DJ Collective Boom Boom Woods. These tremendously talented DJs have had an impact on my music. You can hear it for yourself. It's driving from the first minute right to the end.

This file is available as a zip archive to promote downloading all the tracks in one click.

Tracked archive - 320kbps [~ 147.7 megs]: Our Great Green Earth
Tracked archive - 128kbps [~ 70.6 megs]: Our Great Green Earth
Single Track mp3 320kbps [~ 179.6 megs]: Our Great Green Earth
Single Track mp3 128kbps [~ 73.6 megs]: Our Great Green Earth
Boom Boom Woods 07 - Take 1 - Courtesy of H.R.
You're a Star 7 July 2007 ZENR-CD-007
This CD starts out sexy and takes a left turn towards super dark with an emphasis on the oh-my-god bass. All the while contemplative and surreal. This is the fastest-paced tempo-wise CD recorded to date. 

High fidelity [~ 187 megs]: You're a Star
Low fidelity [~ 74.7 megs]: You're a Star
Photo Taken @ Sugar by Duaniac
Longing for Peace: Love pt. deux 27 April 2007 ZENR-CD-006
This is the brother CD to the answer is.... [Love of Course], thus the title Love pt. deux. This is mellow, yet driving. Sexy, dark, melodic, and at times ethereal.

High fidelity [~ 189 megs]: Longing for Peace: Love pt. deux
Low fidelity [~ 75.6 megs]: Longing for Peace: Love pt. deux
The Answer Is... 1 January 2007 ZENR-CD-005
An *unmastered* CD. This CD is every incantation of the word love whether it's longing, yearning, burning, spurning, or forgiveness.
It's Funkin' Deep --> Live @ the KZSU Summer Soulstice 22 June 2006 ZENR-CD-004
Unmastered hard, driving, edgy, and a tad fierce. This CD runs the gammet of tech house switching sub-genres every three tracks or so.
DJs Need Greens 17 December 2005 ZENR-CD-003
A high energy mix. As funky and driving as it is culturally diverse. There's latin influences, middle eastern influences, san francisco style house, german electro tech house, french electro tech house, tribal tech house, disco house. phew. there's everything here.
Live on the Big Love Show 3 October 2005 - KZSU Standford ZENR-CD-002
An UNMASTERED hard and driving mix with lots of funky acid house and bold german tech house beats. Some funky beats finish out the set.
Demo: On To Burning Man 2005 ZENR-CD-001
The last 1.5 months prior to Burning Man saturates your brain. So it's no wonder that this demo came out two weeks before burning man. Driving, funky, deep, and weird are all good descriptions for these smooth beats. If you listen carefully, you'll hear the demo cycle house styles every four - five songs.

Photographs taken by Chris Knight, Armando Cabrera, Casey Currier, Ilan Rosenthal, and Duane Williams.
Images scanned in courtesy of Andrea Drane.
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